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Upcoming Dance for Camera: "our last aria"

My latest screendance work, "our last aria", has finished shooting and is currently in production for release this Spring and Summer of 2018. Shot on location in Death Valley National Park, this work brings together two phenomenal performances by Keanu Forrest Brady (freelance artist and performer with LEVYdance) and James Bowen (of AXIS Dance Company). 

Currently in post-production, screening dates and locations TBA.

Check out the trailer here:

Teaching @ Earthdance - Sunday, April 30, 2017

APRIL 30 - 3:30-5:00PM || 5:00 - 7:00PM JAM

@ earthdance, 252 Prospect Street -- Plainfield, MA 01070

Landscape | States  : we'll start off with an exploration of tone, and the play between levels of body tone as a platform for inviting fluidity of being and responding. For the end of this session we'll move between periods of internal meditative noticing, examining the landscape inside, and then envision | move into | bring those states in the external world. We'll try to encourage changeable states, examining the relationship between a peaceful / responsive relationship with self, others, and the world around us.

red mirror leaves.jpg

October Shows (Middlebury & NYC)

This week marks the culmination of a collaborative process and tour with Salt Lake City-based dance artist Molly Heller; we've been working across distance to create a new duet - "Two, Awash", along with the presentation of my new work "before we mothernaked fall" and Molly's East Coast premiere of "This is Your Paradise."  Tremendously excited for these shows, happening at the Mahaney Center for the Arts this Wednesday @ 7:00pm (October 14) and then at Gowanus Arts Production in Brooklyn on Thursday @ 8:00pm (October 15)

See some photos here.

texture primitive

New work premiering at Bates Dance Festival 2015 --- texture primitive, an experimental new work with a multi-projector installation, two Kinect cameras, code written in Processing, and a somatic-derived movement vocabulary in response to responsive light systems.

Show dates:

August 6-7:  6:45-7:20pm in the Schaeffer Blackbox Theatre -- running prior to the 7:30 show of Different Voices.

Bates Dance Festival Residency

Scotty will be an emerging artist at Bates Dance Festival this summer, creating a new digital installation work entitled "Distortions" to be premiered in the blackbox beneath Schaeffer Theatre. This duet, performed with Keanu Forrest Brady and with assistant design elements and costumes from Kern Samuel, is a merging of design elements that speak to concepts of contemporary media representation in the abstract, and the wash of images and text that create our mediated body environments.