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Middlebury College Residency

This past March, I had the privilege of doing an artistic residency in Dance Media at Middlebury College, VT, with the incredible welcoming spirit and support of Christal Brown. It was an amazing experience to work with the young artists who are interested in the many ways that technology and the body interact, and to help share some of what I do with the Middlebury College campus. I taught several classes in technique, improvisation / creative process, and interactive media for dance -- I have to say I was astounded by the drive and digital fluency of these students, and was duly impressed by their creative work in the fields of choreography and spatial design.

I also gave a lecture demonstration on my creative approaches to merging movement, social poetics, mediated forms, and environmentalism in my work.  It was a fantastic experience for me to return to the vibrant intellectual community of central Vermont, at the school where I began dancing as an undergraduate student. All in all, a fantastic week.