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ACDFA 2014

Spring was busy. After showing my thesis work, "anathema," at the 2014 regional conference at Arizona State University at Tempe (the campus is like a crazy beautiful, futuristic Tenochtitlan for anyone who knows that area), I went on to the National Conference in Washington, D.C. to perform in the work of Eric Handman: "Disappearing Days."  This experience was a strange mixture of excitement and dysphoria; it was great to meet up with other passionate artists, dancers and dedicated teachers in the field, but the underlying philosophy and concept of these conferences ultimately eludes me. Also, Washington, D.C. felt a little too much like home!

We got some great press from Wendy Perron on Dance Magazine's website (with a picture of me partnering Maddy Hale): http://www.dancemagazine.com/blogs/wendy/5719 as well as an honorable mention for performance from Dance Magazine: http://www.acdfa.org/index.php/national-college-dance-festival

Ultimately, lots of travel with good friends, and a lot of things to think about as I move into dance pedagogy at the University level.