video studies

collection of works made specifically for video. all improvisational, all experimental.


the ghost studies (2017)

A collection of short solo experiments dealing with perspective, emotion, and transformation. All filmed on location in Middlebury, Vermont in collaboration with videographer Demetrius Borge, and featuring performance macro and micro improvisations. Plus extra visuals created in Maya and Adobe AfterEffects CC.

          Performance & Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Videography & Camera Improvisation: Demetrius Borge

          Soundscores: Scotty Hardwig, Michael Wall

Filmed on location in Middlebury, Vermont.

                                    ghost studies: Field  [Video Coming Soon]


                                    ghost studies: Barn


                                    the ghost studies: Orbs


unicorn visions (2016)

Experimental video study created in collaboration with Ima Iduozee at the Kaapelitehdas studios in Helsinki, Finland. The work emerged out of conversations on the expectations of performers in contemporary dance based on race, sexuality, gender, and training. We filmed this study in dyads, alternating dancing and witnessing, moving for the camera and moving with the camera.

          Performance: Ima Iduozee, Scotty Hardwig

          Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Videography: Ima Iduozee, Scotty Hardwig (alternating)

          Soundscore: A$AP Mob, Michael Wall

Filmed on location in Helsinki, Finland.


mini-studies (2013-16)

These are a collection of 60-second experiments created from left-over footage from a variety of other projects. The artistic/creative challenge is how to form something that has essence and substance in a very short amount of time. Because they're taken from the B-footage of other video shoots and projects, they each contain a unique flair and style bleeding through from the other projects, and involve compositional challenges within the editing process.

          Performance: Ice: Tzveta Kassabova, Pyre: Caryn McHose, Hail: Emma Wilson & Amy Freitas, Stay: Andrea Olsen

          Direction, Videography, Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Soundscores: Ice: Michael Wall, Pyre: Scotty Hardwig, Hail: Scotty Hardwig, Stay: Scotty Hardwig

                                    1: Winter

                                 2: Pyre

                                 3: Hail

                                 4: Stay


our drowned pastures (2013)

"This field is drowning, Mother carry me,
In your eyes there's water, sorrow's end I see,
Broken stem the blossoms, Mother carry me,
The bones of God are scattered, sorrow's end I see.
In these burning pastures, Mother carry me." 

An improvised study performed by Laquimah VanDunk and Scotty Hardwig, we worked with the movement vocabulary of a very special location: Cyclone Lake in the Aquarius Plateau of Southern Utah. Energetic connection was a theme, both to one another and to the landscape itself, and to the spirituality of these connections.

          Performance: Scotty Hardwig, Laquimah VanDunk

          Videography: Emma Wilson, Amy Freitas

          Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Crew: Michael Ryba, Ursula Andreeff

          Original score: Scotty Hardwig

Filmed on location atop the Aquarius Plateau of Southern Utah.


Passage (2013)

"All my family and friends and everyone I knew will be waiting
to wash this hollow shell with water from a painted gourd,
and leave me clean and white, when this naked skin is touched no more,
and the breath of life has left me breathless...
and this place will be deathless, like when I was young,
but I know it will be more peaceful than here...

Filmed amidst vast landscapes of hope and promise, “passage” (2013) is a short film study on life, death, and the hope of rebirth. Two soloists speak to the place that comes next, the “distant star” or “glorious plain,” searching for a glimpse into the place that awaits us when we pass.

          Performance: Kelly Bruce, Scotty Hardwig

          Videography: Michael Ryba, Scotty Hardwig

          Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Original score: Scotty Hardwig

Filmed on location near Great Basin National Park in Nevada.


we walk blood earth [2012]

"When we walk blood earth,
the silence is a roar,
Aurora, Aurora,
will bring us safe to pastures
of red, red dirt
and wrap us up in dust…
and when everything is done
we’ll jump this sinking ark
to stretch our limbs of mud
and walk this earth of blood…
And red, red dirt
wraps us up in dust…"

First premiered at the 9th annual International Screendance Festival in Salt Lake City, “we walk blood earth” (2012) is a short film study in sand and solitude. Five lone humans call out in vain for salvation against the wind and red sands of a lonely desert. This place is barren, unforgiving, and beautiful: the earth of blood that we must walk.

          Performance: Kelly Bruce, McKenzie Barkdull, Lynn Bobzin, Breanne Saxton, Michael Garber

          Videography & Editing: Scotty Hardwig

          Crew: Benjamin Mielke, Michael Ryba

          Original score: Scotty Hardwig

Filmed on location near Goblin Valley / Capitol Reef National Park and Wild Horse Mesa in southern Utah. 

6, 8, 10, 12, 14 [2011]

"when I was six... when I was six... 
I covered up his tiny body, squinting through black eyes
I covered up his tiny body, Gone. Gone. Gone. 
Quiet and new. Gone. Nowhere. Nowhere." 

Created in 2011, "6, 8, 10, 12, 14..." is a short SD video solo on memories from childhood with one light, a mask, and a static camera. A study in text, sound, color filters, and movement.


Dornwald [2011]

"Maria durch ein Dornwald ging,
Kyrie eleison.
Maria durch ein Dornwald ging,
der hat in sieben Jahrn kein Laub getragen.
Jesus und Maria."

created in 2011, "dornwald" (thorn forest) was an imagistic exploration of fanaticism and heresy, with a movement vocabulary performed solely with the face and hands, overlaid images, and assorted bodyscapes.