Year-long or multi-year projects for experimentation and development of with new ideas, methods, techniques, tools, or pedagogy. 

Middlebury Motion Capture Lab (2016-17)

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It’s a fully functioning motion capture lab space to facilitate class use and experiments in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental projects and research for faculty, staff and students at Middlebury College. It was launched in Fall 2016 by lab director Scotty Hardwig with sponsorship from the Dance Program and the Fund for Innovation (FFI) as a laboratory for exploring the potential of new digital tools that might provide an integration point between the arts, sciences, humanities and athletics through the digital study of human motion.

Equipped with the hardware (full-body motion capture suit with gyroscopic sensors) and software (a dedicated computer with motion capture software and animation programs) to produce high-end avatarial animation and live-capture digital animations, this lab would provide a space for kinetic learning and creative applications across the disciplines of dance, film, music, computer programming, and animation. This lab space also serves as a potential future platform for virtual reality tracking, experiments in video game design, KINECT skeletal tracking, or any number of cutting edge technological interfaces between technology and the body.

It’s also our goal for this lab space to be a connective zone between different disciplines and practices on campus and in the Middlebury community through performances, research projects, or experiments that involve embodied experience and digital tracking.

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Body & Earth: Seven Web-Based Somatic Excursions (2015-16)

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This project was created by Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose in collaboration with dance and digital media artist Scotty Hardwig. It was designed as a web-based resource for somatic practice to accompany their quartet of books on anatomy, environmental philsophy, and somatic movement practice:

The Place of Dance: A Somatic Guide to Dancing and Dance Making. Wesleyan University Press (Olsen and McHose, 2014); How Life Moves: Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness. North Atlantic Press (McHose and Frank, 2006); Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide. UPNE (Olsen, 2002); Bodystories: A Guide to Experiential Anatomy. Station Hill Press/UPNE (Olsen, 1991/2004).

This project is a web-series that was envisioned as an online teaching tool (and also artwork) for creating accessible resources to somatic education within the body and earth practice. It was filmed internationally with a group of dancers from seven different countries, and is free and open-source on the web here. Funding was provided by the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative at Middlebury College, with filming on location in Middlebury, Vermont; Bramble Hill Farm in Massachusetts; Pen Pynfarch Retreat Center in Wales, and London, England.