Recent Projects

Body, Full of Time [2018-19]

"Body, Full of Time" is a solo choreographic work performed and created by movement and media artist Scotty Hardwig in collaboration with visual artist Zach Duer. Using motion capture, projection, and interactive avatar designs, the work presents a chimeric vision of the human body fragmented in the cyber age, examining the relationship between physical and digital versions of self. The dance emerges in the space between the human and the virtual, with the body both as active sensor and passive recipient to technological currents.

          Performance, Choreography & Artistic Direction: Scotty Hardwig

          Visual Direction: Zach Duer

Sound: Caleb Flood

          Animation: Nate King

Scenic, Costume and Lighting Design: Estefania Perez-Vera

Production & Technical Assistance: Joseph Fry

Produced by the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts and the School of Visual Arts, with support from the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology and the Moss Arts Center. Premiered at the Moss Arts Center [The Cube], April 2019.         

  Body, Full of Time in process:

Body, Full of Time photostream

donde el cielo nos abrazó // (where the sky embraced us) [2018]

An ensemble work created by commission with the National Ballet of Ecuador, Contemporary Company. Created for stage, installation-style performance, and videodance version for screen.

Direction & Choreography: Scotty Hardwig

          Produced by: National Ballet of Ecuador, with support from Javier Perez & Cesar Orbe

Performance: Edison Galvan, Ana Lucia Medina, Vladimir Montenegro, Carolina Lagunes, Jose Hevia, Siria Aguirre, Adrian Vivanco, Gustavo Vernaza, Katherine Lozano, Stephanie Enriquez, Enriqueta Teran, Liasel Plasencia

          Videography: Vinicio Condor, Galo Perrin, Paola Carrasco, Maricela Rivera, Scotty Hardwig

Sound Crew: Karla Moran Vargas

Text Performance: Amanda Lorena Neira

Additional Support: Center of Contemporary Art (Quito), Daniela Falconi & Ivan Luca, Museum of the City (Quito)

where the sky embraced us in process:

donde el cielo nos abrazó photostream

our last aria [2017-18]

A duet dance for camera film created by Scotty Hardwig and performed by Keanu Forrest Brady and James Mario Bowen. Filmed on location in the Eureka dunes of Death Valley California, this work follows the journey of two figures traversing a kinetic and emotional landscape in the heart of a desert wilderness.

Direction, Choreography, Videography, Editing, & Sound Design: Scotty Hardwig

          Performance: Keanu Forrest Brady, James Mario Bowen

          Videography, Geography & Cartography: Michael Ryba

  our last aria photostream:

replaceable parts [2016]

Created as part of the OuluDanceHack hosted by Taikabox in Oulu, Finland, "replaceable parts" was a collaboration with Italian costume designer Chiara Amaltea and a group of arts students at the Oulu School of Applied Arts and Engineering in August 2016. We worked with the engineers of Probot (Matti Tikanmäki) to investigate a creative applications of their robotic arm system controlled by an X-Box controller.

          Design & Concept: Chiara Amaltea, Scotty Hardwig

          Performance: Ville Sievänen, Scotty Hardwig

          Music & Sound Design: John Collingswood.

Oulu School of Applied Arts and Engineering Blackbox Theatre; Oulu, Finland. August 2016

                          performance footage:

                         "replaceable parts" photostream:

texture primitive [2015]

A digital duet work created at Bates Dance Festival 2015 during a residency as emerging choreographer presented at the Different Voices concert. Created with 2 Kinect Cameras, Processing code, and four projectors in the Schaeffer Blackbox Theatre at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Read a blog post about the process HERE.

          Performance : Scotty Hardwig & Keanu Forrest Brady

          Digital Media Design & Programming: Scotty Hardwig

                          performance footage:

                         "texture primitive" photostream: