mixed media studies

studies in movement and a variety of media

solo improvisations [2017]

A series of in-progress solo performance improvisations with music created in Ableton Live, 5-7 minutes each. Each investigates a different emotional state inspired by an animal, and the sounds and rhythms of that creature.

          Performance & Sound Design: Scotty Hardwig

          Lighting Design: Jenn Ponder

                          coyote cries: [video coming soon]

                          hummingbird sings:

replaceable parts [2016]

Created as part of the OuluDanceHack hosted by Taikabox in Oulu, Finland, "replaceable parts" was a collaboration with Italian costume designer Chiara Amaltea and a group of arts students at the Oulu School of Applied Arts and Engineering in August 2016. We worked with the engineers of Probot (Matti Tikanmäki) to investigate a creative applications of their robotic arm system controlled by an X-Box controller.

          Design & Concept: Chiara Amaltea, Scotty Hardwig

          Performance: Ville Sievänen, Scotty Hardwig

          Music & Sound Design: John Collingswood.

Oulu School of Applied Arts and Engineering Blackbox Theatre; Oulu, Finland. August 2016

                          performance footage:

                         "replaceable parts" photostream:

merciful servant [2016]

a collage-based, expressionist, mixed-media solo study I created in 2015-16 -- premiered at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theater March 2016
created and performed by Scotty Hardwig

          Choreography, Performance & Media Design: Scotty Hardwig

          Lighting Design: Jennifer Ponder

          Music: “I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time” by the Andrews Sisters, “Nessun dorma!” from Turandot (1924) by Puccini, Flower Duet from Lakme (1882) by Delibes, and "Nocturne No.1 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 9 No. 1” (1833) by Chopin

          Media sources: Fox 10 News Now, Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Premiered at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, April 2016.

                          full work in performance:

                         "merciful servant" photostream (photos by Gigi Gatewood):

there is no need, and no desire [2016]

A solo study created as part of a commission for the UVM Lane Series: The Solo Workshop, where Vermont-based dance artists were paired with Vermont-based composers for two evenings of dance and collaboration. This work was created in collaboration with composer Patricia Julien.

          Choreography & Performance: Scotty Hardwig

          Original Score: Patricia Julien

          Costume Design: Kern Samuel

Premiered at the UVM Lane Recital Hall and at the Mahaney Center for the Arts in March 2016.

                          performance footage:

                         "there is no need, and no desire" photostream:

before we mothernaked fall [2015]

A trio work created in 2015 inspired by the works of Dylan Thomas; we worked with word and gesture in response to the poems, and created a series of partnering-based movement studies from those responses. 

          Choreography & Direction:  Scotty Hardwig

          Performance:  Keanu Forrest Brady, Coulter Cluett, Doug LeCours

          Lighting design:  Jenn Ponder

          Costume design: Kern Samuel

          Music: Michael Wall, Dylan Thomas, Matias Aguayo

Premiered at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, October 2015 and at Gowanus Arts Production in Brooklyn, October 2015.

                          performance footage:


                         "before we mothernaked fall" photostream:

Two, Awash [2016]

A duet study created in-collaboration (and long distance) with Salt Lake City based dance artist Molly Heller. We worked with concepts of choreographic mapping, juxtaposition, and the idea of switching states (fluidity of states) completely during a performance.

          Choreography & Performance:  Scotty Hardwig & Molly Heller

          Lighting design:  Jenn Ponder

          Music: The Andrews Sisters, Michael Wall, Alberto Turco & Nova Schola Gregoriana, Tim Hecker

Premiered at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, October 2015 and at Gowanus Arts Production in Brooklyn, October 2015.

                          performance footage:

texture primitive [2015]

A digital duet work created at Bates Dance Festival 2015 during a residency as emerging choreographer presented at the Different Voices concert. Created with 2 Kinect Cameras, Processing code, and four projectors in the Schaeffer Blackbox Theatre at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Read a blog post about the process HERE.

          Performance : Scotty Hardwig & Keanu Forrest Brady

          Digital Media Design & Programming: Scotty Hardwig

                          performance footage:

                         "texture primitive" photostream:

shroud: Portraits [2014]

An evening-length collage of digital dance studies for two performers integrating motion capture, projection, and interactive sound design. Conceived and performed for an audience in the round, and using 2 motion capture cameras (Kinect) and 1 projector. 

          Concept, Choreography & Media Design: Scotty Hardwig

          Performance : Keanu Forrest Brady, Scotty Hardwig

          Media Operation: Michael Ryba

          Sound design: Scotty Hardwig

Premiered at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre, October 2014

                          performance clips:

                        "shroud: Portraits" photostream:

a bird spoke through me singing Jackson's bones lie in the ground [2014]

In the first collaborative exploration of dance artist Scotty Hardwig and visual artist Kern Samuel, "a bird spoke through me..." was created at the Sable Project on an off-grid artist residency in the backwoods of Vermont. A twenty minute long installation/gallery performance in the woods became about highly referential, highly politicized themes that called into question the role of the artist as subject, object, and spiritual vessel.

          Performance: Scotty Hardwig & Kern Samuel

          Conception, Choreography & Installation Design: Scotty Hardwig

Created at The Sable Project (2014), with a special thanks to Otto Pierce for his assistance in design, construction, and vision for this project. This work would not have been possible without the generous space and support of all the Sable Project's resident artists during the summer of 2014.

                          performance footage:              

                                "a bird spoke through me..." photostream:


A PONY for SEBASTIAN (romanticism is dead) [2014]

"I guess Verizon doesn’t have service, In Heaven, if that’s where you ended up
I sent you a long text message, A poem, and it went like this: Slick, your naked thigh, My wandering hands in sap, The fetal afterbirth of goats, The bones we threw and crumbled up, For aphrodisiac in June, To rub on Cupid’s dick, the paint of lust, And mix it all with sniffing glue, The old man sits and clicks his teeth, Emaciated muse that called us sick, And filled the patchy sky with buckshot doves, Licked his lips with salt and luck
And love before we knew Romanticism’s kiss."

concept, choreography & performance: Scotty Hardwig
media & spatial design: Scotty Hardwig
text: "Sebastian" by Scotty Hardwig
music: Frederic Chopin
film documentation: Stephane Glynn //  media operation: Michael Ryba

Premiered at the University of Utah Experimental Media Center, April 2014

                                      performance clips:            

                                         "A PONY for SEBASTIAN" photostream:

the blinding of birds [2013]

A dance installation created by Molly Heller and Scotty Hardwig, "the blinding of birds" was a duet on themes of perspective and seeing. Using Isadora for live capture and digital media design, as well as architectural elements donated by the University of Utah School of Architecture, this work premiered in November 2013 at the Raw Materials concert in Salt Lake City, UT.

Concepts, Choreography, and Performance: Scotty Hardwig and Molly Heller

Videography and Documentation: Stéphane Glynn


Premiered at the University of Utah Experimental Media Center, October 2013

                          performance clips:

of dead boys and blind men [2013]

A choreographic collaboration between Laquimah VanDunk + Scotty Hardwig, and performed by Keanu Forrest Brady, "of dead boys and blind men" originally premiered in experimental form at Chez-Bushwick Studios in Brooklyn, NYC during the winter of 2013. Since then, it has been performed in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Marriott Center for Dance and Sugar Space Center for the Arts as well as in Vermont and at Bates Dance Festival. What began as a study in movement invention and collaborative process became an elongated study on silence, masculinity, and perceptions of strength. The warehouse cut of this work was restaged in the Sugar Space Arts Warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City.

          concept & choreography: Scotty Hardwig & Laquimah Vandunk
          performance: Keanu Forrest Brady
          music: Scotty Hardwig
          film documentation: Stephane Glynn & Scotty Hardwig

                          full work, warehouse cut:

                            "of dead boys and blind men" photostream:


anathema [2013]

"God is dead. Friedrich Nietzche fucked me, his brain can make love for hours, while Walt Whitman is quietly masturbating in the corner. But I've met God, and he told me to put a shirt on and make myself look presentable. He told me to wear white at my grandmother's funeral - the lipstick on her face was wrong, it was black like the coffin. But she always wore red, bright cherry lipsticks. When she ranted about the flood of '22, back when I was young and all the boys barked and howled at me.
I celebrate myself. I celebrate myself with sun salutations. I celebrate myself at Whole Foods. I celebrate myself with the words of dead white men. I sing myself."

"anathema" is an improvised solo created in 2013 as an experiment in motion capture visuals and sound loops. Relatively simple in its compositional structure, form, and aesthetic, this piece presents a multifold existential wilderness and an untethered mind struggling to make sense of it.

          Concepts, Choreography, and Performance: Scotty Hardwig

          Soundscore: Scotty Hardwig, Friedrich Nietzche, Walt Whitman

          Lighting Design: Cole Adams

Premiered in December 2013 at the Marriott Center for Dance. Later toured in Vermont, Arizona, California, and New York.

                              performance footage:

shroud [2013]

Full length documentation of "shroud" in live performance (December 2013). This piece is still a work-in-progress, to be developed in future artistic residencies. Conceived as a digital solo in an encapsulating and responsive environment, “shroud” explores themes of desire, disease, and monstrosity. Sourcing from reactive animations and performance improvisation in an immersive space, the dancer’s body becomes a mergence of darknesses in the face of inescapable forces.

concept & choreography: Scotty Hardwig
performance: Keanu Forrest Brady
text: excerpts from “monster theory” by Lytton Smith
music & media design: Scotty Hardwig
film documentation: Stephane Glynn

Software used in this performance: IsadoraCore, Ableton Live, & Adrien Mondot’s eMotion.

                          "shroud" performance footage: